Development Support

OnRamp's primary goal is to support users that want to deploy officially released versions of Aether on local hardware, but it also provides a way for users that want to develop new features to deploy and test them. To this end, this section describes how to configure OnRamp to use locally modified components, such as Helm Charts and Docker images (including new images built from source code).

At a low level, development is a component-specific task, and users are referred to documentation for the respective subsystems:

At a high level, OnRamp provides a means to deploy developmental versions of Aether that include local modifications to the standard components. These modifications range from coarse-grain (i.e., replacing the Helm Chart for an entire subsystem), to fine-grain (i.e., replacing the container image for an individual microservice). The following uses SD-Core as a specific example to illustrate how this is done. The same approach can be applied to other subsystems.

To substitute a local Helm Chart—for example, one located in directory /home/ubuntu/aether/sdcore-helm-charts/sdcore-helm-charts on the server where you run the OnRamp make targets—edit the helm block of the core section of vars/main.yml to replace:

  local_charts: false
  chart_ref: aether/sd-core
  chart_version: 0.12.8


  local_charts: true
  chart_ref: "/home/ubuntu/aether/sdcore-helm-charts/sdcore-helm-charts"
  chart_version: 0.13.2

Note that variable core.helm.local_charts is a boolean, not the string "true". And in this example, we have declared our new chart to be version 0.13.2 instead of 0.12.8.

To substitute a locally built container image, edit the corresponding block in the values override file that you have configured in vars/main.yml; e.g., deps/5gc/roles/core/templates/sdcore-5g-values.yaml. For example, if you want to deploy the AMF image with tag my-amf:version-foo from the container registry of your personal GitLab account, then set the images block of 5G control plane section accordingly:

  enable5G: true
    repository: ""
      amf: my-account/my-amf:version-foo

A new Make target streamlines the process of frequently re-installing the Kubernetes pods that implement the Core:

$ make 5gc-core-reset

If you are also modifying gNBsim in concert with changes to SD-Core, then note that the former is not deployed on Kubernetes, and so there is no Helm Chart or values override file. Instead, you simply need to modify the image variable in the gnbsim section of vars/main.yml to reference your locally built image:

      image: omecproject/5gc-gnbsim:main-PR_88-cc0d21b

For convenience, the following Make target restarts the container, which pulls in the new image.

$ make gnbsim-reset

Keep in mind that you can also rerun gNBsim with the same container, but loading the latest gNBsim config file, by typing:

$ make aether-gnbsim-run