Aether is an open source 5G edge cloud platform that supports enterprise deployments of Private 5G. Information about Aether (a Linux Foundation project) can be found on the project website. An introduction to the Aether architecture can be found in a companion book:

Further Reading

Aether Project.

L. Peterson, O. Sunay, and B. Davie. Private 5G: A Systems Approach. 2023

Getting Started with Aether

Aether OnRamp is now the recommended way to get started with Aether. It defines a step-by-step procedure for deploying and operating Aether on your own hardware, including support for 5G small cell radios.

Other Aether guides available on this site include:

Note that Aether was originally deployed as a centrally-managed cloud service with a dedicated ops team. The expectation was that organizations would participate in Aether by connecting their edge site to this operational deployment.[1] That service has now been deprecated in favor of users bringing up their own Aether sites using OnRamp.

Aether Components

Aether builds on two main subsystems: SD-Core (a cloud native Mobile Core) and SD-RAN (an O-RAN compliant, software-based RAN). Additional documentation for each is available at:

More information about 5G and Aether's architecture can be found in the Private 5G: A Systems Approach book.


Information about participating in the Aether community and development process can be found on the Aether Wiki.