Subscriber Proxy

The Aether subscriber proxy is a component that sits between the SD-Core’s simapp SIM card management subsystem and the SD-Core’s configuration service, and communicates newly provisioned SIM cards to the ROC.


How Subscriber Proxy Works

The subscriber proxy transparently intercepts simapp traffic and inspects each message for the IMSI that is contained in that message. If the IMSI is a new one that is not already present in the ROC, then the subscriber proxy will contact the ROC to insert a Sim-Card object with that IMSI.

The subscriber proxy will attempt to insert the SIM Card into the appropriate site. It does this by examining the imsi-definition for each site, until subscriber proxy finds a site whose mcc, mnc, and enterprise match the IMSI that has been intercepted from simapp. For this to work, the imsi-format must be set appropriately, for example to CCCNNEESSSSSSSS. Setting the imsi-format to SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS will not allow the subscriber-proxy to automatically determine the site. If no matching site exists, then the subscriber proxy will attempt to add the Sim-Card to a site whose identifier is defaultent-defaultsite.

If no appropriate site can be determined, then the subscriber proxy will not add the sim-card to the ROC, but the request will still be passed to SD-Core.

Configuring simapp

To configure simapp to send messages to the subscriber proxy, edit simapp’s configuration file as follows:

      addr: subscriber-proxy.aether-roc.svc.cluster.local
      port: 5000

In the above example, subscriber-proxy.aether-roc.svc.cluster.local is the address of the subscriber proxy. Do not remove the existing sub-provision-endpt as that setting contains the address of the SD-Core, and will be passed through the proxy, so the proxy knows which core to connect to.