The goal and objective of Aether test automation is to build a framework that provides highly scalable and low maintenance code which will help cover various categories of tests. Framework includes libraries and tools that allows both component level and integration level tests. Robot Framework will be used for covering integration tests. Component level test coverage have been accomplished by leveraging the existing test frameworks that were developed in their respective projects. Component level tests include tests for SD-Fabric, PDP, SD-CORE areas. For detailed information on component tests, please see their respective documentation pages.

Test Frameworks

The following diagram outlines each Aether core component, followed by an online of the test frameworks used:

Aether Overview Diagram
Table 3. Test Frameworks

Aether Core Component

Test Framework


Robot Framework, NG40/NG4T




Robot Framework, Selenium


Robot Framework

Test Automation

Jenkins is the primary automation server that is used to help trigger our automated tests. All Aether Jenkins jobs are created and run on the Aether Jenkins instance.